Monday, May 24, 2010

Checking Out The Climate.

The climate has changed!! slick like oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico? I expected technical difficulties.

Crimies havent changed!! banks fold!! slick with new and improved methods and techniques!! check the cults of personalities.

In spiritual warfare? fatalities are considered collateral damage.

Habituals go there!! greedy..going to the well for substinence? as we continue the internal and external scrimmage.

Hazardous materials were introduced into the atmosphere!! might even be a toxic mortgage.

What we have is spiritual!! our souls aren't on the clearance rack at Macy's and Walmart!! and they wont be mortgaged.

Knowing how this sport will get!! a veteran whose now coaching.

Like Phil Jackson the zen master!! Suns get one win!! Al Roker told you the storm was approaching! what it do? Al Gore told you about global warming but some think it's a scam.

Check the score!! O-Dogs Podcast spans the globe! to give folk a warning..but some think it's the jam!

Check the score!! heard what was said!! the doctor was shown the door!! vaccine cause autism? some thinks it's the scam!! or it's part of the conspiracy.

Checked when I came through the door!! security heightens ..but it comes with the territory.

Fame and glory was not pursued!! a bruh was wise to the set up.

Reality shows had some glued to the TV!! were they Lost? ..please!! some of these folks won't let up!!

Supposedly funky fresh in the flesh!! all up in this piece.

Devil opposed to me!! for a bruh? there's no justice and no peace.

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