Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Was Told To Pump My Brakes

Told to pump those brakes!! rolling into the darkness...some are there waiting on answers!! but it's hard to do with worn out brake shoes!!

Where's Manny Moe & Jack? shadetree mechanics allowed!!felt like jumping fakes!! they were cutting up!! interrupting breakthroughs.

A bruh is scientific!! I take clues and expound on them!! if my hunch was right all I had to do was wait!! answers were in front of me!! studied people, places, concepts and books.

A fanatic tried to front on me!! they were the ones acting out!! accused me of being down with the crooks.

Seeing how it's going down!! sideways looks and glances told the true story.

But still making advances..but its not about fame and glory.

Lighting the flame when I tell the story..carrying warm torches in the darkness where some were waiting... plus a bruh is wearing a hardhat with the lantern on top.

Similar to West Virginia and even Kentucky coal miners..R.I.P....It's all game!! so I approach this with a sword of truth!! the style is intergalactic!! out there like Russian Cargo Ships..just got back from Saturn...brought the updated cosmic slop.

But it's not space funk..meanwhile a fanatic was scattering forces!! but it comes to a stop due to the karmic repercussion.

Please!! mathematics are dropped when we bring this good word and the percussions.

Heard the discussions!! nothing but belligerence!! but haters said this was!!

Just interruptions..the Lord is trying to bless this!! were Taking Care of Business.

Corruption was bred due to ecological ignorance!! fate was altered.

What's up with them? they ask about us after they were Sonic Assaulted.

Caught up in it!! actually caught out here and out there.

Chilling on the frontlines!! waiting in the dark..soon collateral damage in spiritual warfare.

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