Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Evaluated the sideways glances I received..was I the source of their problems?

Evacuated the premises!! dangerous like Bangkok?..checked it out..going up in flames? the style has been hated!! advances delayed? they said I contributed to the confusion!!

Debatable circumstances..being built or torn down? prayed for supreme courage and maximum strength.

They said I hurt my chances!! didn't do devil dances..said it's like the bank reform bill..didn't quid pro quo!! so I can't go the length!!

....At disco infernos!! who dances with the devil? or Carribean queens? or Commodore brickhouses!!

...Who works with this bro? dipping like Usain Bolt!! from Jamaica to here in Atlanta!! home of mini mansions!! aka one sided brickhouses.

Meanwhile expansion is this bruh's mission!! O-Dog is the beatbreaker!!! not a faker!! getting slick with house funk and hip-hop.

Also taking a rock beat and flipping it!! whose tripping with it? I couldn't quit ...I couldn't stop.

Also taking a lot of heat!! threatened to cut off the power like Arizona vs Los Angeles!! due to immigration laws!! was it because I wasn't stopping? I kept Moving Forward.

All up in the spot!! rolling discrete!! low key...but don't play me like a coward.

All up in the spot!! coaching like Bill Cowher was with the Pittsburgh Steelers!!

All up in the spot!! down here in Atlanta!! but knowledge gained from Louisville and Newburg wheeler dealers.

Real dealers like Holyfield!! or maybe Sinaloa Cartels!! Mexico is where the fight is..

Cults of personalities sweat us!! what it do? these days they'll see where the light is.

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