Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Ambush

What it do? damn!! it's like the red shirt general in Bangkok,Thailand... a bruh rode right into an ambush.

What it do? what's up with your boy? wasn't like Wiz Khalifa..not even drunk!! or hadn't smoked that dry kush.

Mathematics studied..from the burning bush theory..even chilled in Area 51.

Fanatics continue to stay busy!! they want to see me come undone.

Whose the one casting spells? neighborhood witches and warlocks.

Heard the usual Tales From The Crypt ...but your boy slipped through the portal during spiritual warfare!! he still rocks.

The apparatus hasn't stopped hating!! still knocking the hustle!! the whole game is shady!! not a damn thing has changed.

We proceed and continue with the Sonic Assault!! the beats banged.

Rules, regulations and procedures were arranged so we'll be caught up in red tape.

But the bureacracy is not rocking me!! even though they tried the Information Overload..printouts with red marks on them..said we were in bad shape.

Where is the black box? what it do? even the drug overlord had some staying in shape!! blasting choppers during territorial disputes.

Some are running faster than Usain Bolt!! or talking faster than a corporate CEO!! the treasury one loots.

Testimonials given in congressional hearings!! but politicians neither confirm nor deny allegations.

What it do? some are wearing handcuffs..caught up in unpleasant situations.

We rebuke the ambush..funk demonstrations and seminars school them.

Everybody's not able!! they'll just let evil rule them.

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