Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On Some Other Other..

Chilling...meanwhile dude down here in Atlanta moved contraband up in the GMC Yukon.

Up in New York jokers try to use Nissan Pathfinders as weapons..whose operating like UPS..FedEx?..what's up man they ask me? wondering what I'm on.

I deliver messages in the songs..operating like doctors in trauma wards!! at University Hospital in Louisville.

.....Or maybe Grady in Atlanta..St Johns in Detroit...it's way too real!

Society will brand ya!! had to remember the way to feel!! no longer waiting on answers...remember how I do things.

....How I conduct business!! no ecological ignorance..acting like I knew things.

Conducting seminars...these random thoughts launched..plus sonic assaults unleashed.

Healing emotional scars!! similar to under church steeples!! but heard how big homie preached.

...was it for promotional purposes? x-amount of dollars needed for the building fund!!

Getting emotional with the belligerence!! holla's atcha!! some will come undone.

Chilling!! but this is what the commotion will do!! as we come with the drum.

As we come through with the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

The system pitches curve balls and sliders delay is their mission.

Peeped the negative impression...morale is low..but some even tried to challenge authority.

.....That the Lord was granting us...he didn't abandon us...in this hostile territory.

Haters said it's mandatory that I report to designated areas.

Please!! I'm not operating like that!! I continue to fight that..I'm about progressive liberation..on some other other scenarios.

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