Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bouncing Through...

Pimp limping!! bouncing!! staggering through!! they thought I was drunk like Boris Yeltzin...

...R.I.P. .....what's the deally? I'm on the road again!! like Wille Nelson.

Others were through dealing!! Euro not looking too good what's good? whose entering the mode of least resistance?

Reaching comatose!! old school baptist preacher told them the devil will oppose!! showing persistence.

Where you at? ecological ignorance will alter the fate!! didn't understand the nature of things.

Belligerence was heard..some are fronting and faking..just to get things.

The Brotha O is hip to things!! wise to the set up!! whose part of the conspiracy?

Who got victimized? you'll get hit up for things!! haters said it comes with the territory.

Bearing witness to the hostility!! "aint no love" ..the morale is low.

What is this? Georgia is a police state? that's why my profile is kept low.

Knowing these folk weren't right from the get go!! from the start.

Going with the flow? where did you go? I mean really..from the heart?

Let me know!! or was it a Love TKO!! word from Teddy Pendergrass.

Playing in the dirt again? plus the high weeds!! didn't see the snake in the grass.

..Player playing putting work in!! high off the weed and e-tablets.

..Playing this another way!! let the music play!! banging on Yamaha and Roland writing this Good Word on tablets.

Fighting the establishment!! the Sonic Assault is like a meteor shower caused by Haley's Comet..knowing they wont do right!!

In the darkness...that's where some were waiting...meanwhile we shine the light.

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