Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Response..

No justice no peace is the cliche...along with others..that always comes to mind.

..Or justice was blind..especially for my family members..my kind.

Some will stretch the truth...BP vs Haliburton?...those that believe in the truth? they carried the excaliber.

Drastic measures are taken!! aren't you feeling it? tension like Israelis vs Arabs..whose packing other weapons with a lot of calibers?

Checking calenders...Taurus is the time frame..similar to the weapon..also like the Desert Eagle.

For us or against us? played like Gilligan on a deserted island..documents weren't legal.

I see ya rolling through the Atlanta rush hour traffic!! in the hooptie listening to some old Mobb Deep.

Behind a Subaru Outback station wagon..that still has a McCain Palin sticker on it....haters still creep.

Some rush to the last hour!! others are asleep..others self medicating..the pain was intense.

....Caused by the adverse conditions...whose rebuking the hostile takeover or accepting the circumstance?

..Signals are interpreted....some might have a chance..but will they take advantage of it?

What was I working with little homie asked? told them my business? I manage it.

...Still minding and tending..taking care of business doing what I do.

Please!! my back is against the wall..acting like I knew.

..Haters wonder why I'm acting like I do!! its my response to the hell that's caught.

Works of wonder are produced...what it do? we come through with the Sonic Assault.

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