Saturday, May 8, 2010

...I Guess When The Economy Flopped..

When did snitching become fashionable? I guess when the cash flow dried up!! The Wall Street Slump...the economy flopped.

Whose pitching...elbow hurting like Lebron? and whose catching? fastballs..curves and sliders are dropped.

Whose switching strategies in the game? dropped a dome on the leak!! dropped the losing propositions?

Whose back atcha with these? check the steady bombardment of the enemy positions.

Please!! check us out now!! up in the heart of it!! but it's for a limited time only!

Like fast food spots!! all up in these spots!! here and now like Luther!! RIP..who sympathized with the lonely?

Please!! a lot of times it's on me!! "aint no love" ..easy to get victimized!! out here..out there!!

But dey no worry me!! diplomatic immunity exercised when we go there.

They never heard of me I was told!! they're caught up in glamour and glitz.

Some even told me I was cold misbehaving!! operating like a BMore Raven!! Ray Lewis with the linebacker blitz.

Down here in Atlanta..eating fish and grits at Gladys and Ron's ...chilling

Down here in Atlanta..whose down for the cause? whose snitching? spotted on Fox5..Eyewitness News...maybe already paid off by McGruff...

Down here in Atlanta..chilling..rolling in the hooptie..incognito..incognegro..listening to Roger and Rough...So Tough..

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