Sunday, May 9, 2010

Answers In Front Of Me...But Some Still Front On Me!!

What it do? the answer was right in front of me!! all I had to do was look up.

Others thought they had it going on like Elvis!! they tried to front on me..but they're all shook up.

Dude said he had the hook up!! but he's like Nervous Melvin and The Mistakes.

Attitude is crazy!! like he's having withdrawals..he has the shakes!!

Bad breaks, setbacks and obstacles blinded them with science.

But we put poetry in motion!! had a notion to rock these and those!! dropping this breakbeat science.

The box didn't work for BP...but the pawn shop appliances were put to good use!! Yamaha and Roland keyboards are tapped on!!

Meanwhile ghetto or Wall Street stock brokers weren't a bunch of jokers..they collaborate with the drug overlord!! haters will get clapped on!

Meanwhile I strapped on the Hardhat With The Lantern On Top.

Slipped into the way..with highhats, snares, 808s, and intergalactic funk!! from Mars and Saturn ...also house and hip hop.

Act like you knew me!! like an old episode of Cops on Tru TV suspects had Afros and Mullets.

Diplomatic Immunity on the frontlines!! haters holla at these and those!! with box cutters and bullets.

Who dipped back to the community? locked out of the league!! uptown!! pulled this and that caper.

Pimping like Bernie Madoff and his sons!! what it do? made off with all the paper!!

But the Shape Shifter dealt with karmic repercussions.

CDs, cassettes, and MP3s lift my folk up!! built on percussions.

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