Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's The Prognosis? Questions Asked Once Again

................analyze the information.................
....sources of danger to the world....lie more within us than outside.

Whats the prognosis? where were the Sources Of Danger? what it do? Analyze the information.

Lethal doses taken? they said you need only one for H1N1..that's cool..but was Kool Aid drunk before the transformation?

O-Zone is not faking the funk.... it's booming in the trunk...stink stank stunk...It's A Hood Thing...the transportation? it's a hooptie.

Caught out there....but God is broke on the Number 15 bus to Decatur...not thrown under it by a hater...I was transported back to the what will the scoop be?

Caught out there? you didn't know? God is in the blessing business!!! truly!! recognize.

Caught out there!! we kept on running..but caught in the trainwreck.. prayed.. survived..not surprised.

Summed up the consequences...dude said no more apologies for the outburst..about as bad as the representative from Florida not wanting children to hear Obama.. I sized them jokers up..wise to the set up.

Jumped to conclusions....after sliding through Arctic Ice.. on the Northeast Passage....I didn't let up.

Middle Passage descendant..what's up with it?..Al Gore mentioned global warming..haven't thawed out from the Ice Age.. not able to burn bridges.

What's the prognosis? sensory overload...overdoses....for victims of circumstances that are debatable..being built or torn down? not just a global warning; it can be local...even white Mike was being chased by JSO's across bridges.

Dipping across the Arlington Expressway in Jacksonville, Florida.. in the stolen Monte Carlo.

Slipping through the portal... whatcha starting Duval County? like Park Duvalle projects were in Louisville...back in the day..way too whatcha know?

It's A Hood Thing...still going down in Iraq..even over in'll show

Where did Osama Bin Laden go?..meanwhile others look this way to see how things go...

Acknowledged the troubled trouble rolls back in the way referees don't want to act'll have to show out...

Bets doubled on dice rolls in project much will you play? It's A Hood'll have to go all out...

Without a doubt....Recognize The Pattern....what it do? Sources Of Danger lie more within us than outside...

Rolling in an Escalade or Saturn..rolling like Ronnie Laws with Friends or Strangers..What's The Prognosis?..analyze the are you gonna ride?

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