Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Return of The Hot Messenger PT.3

.........they said I was a hot mess..call me the hot messenger..

What it do? Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch..due to the hell we catch...had our share...

Funky fresh in the flesh...bringing The Sonic Assault..bombs burst in the air..

Intergalactic..spotted the Discovery at the International Space Station..plus spotted the rockets red glare.what it do?..used the Hubble Telescope to spot it...

Now I'm back with it....The Hot Message...Al Gore already told you how hot it'll get...

Didn't quit or forfiet..came back to win the game like Miami....hurricane season is in full effect? can Bill Gates stop it?

So what will you get? haters say it's a hot mess..but I didn't expect a fool to respect..mentioned earlier..they haven't stopped it..

Even disrespected the president..he had a hot message for school children..haters tried to throw water on it..

This brotha connected wires to the mixer..The Mysterious Box..I tap keyboards..IBM, HP, Roland, Yamaha..O-Dog hooked a track up..O-Zone has the spoken word..getting hotter on it...

Drama occured..prayed...now the Heavenly Father is on it! word from the Hot Messenger!!!

You heard?...staying connected to the Higher Power.avoiding the fireshower...no weapons formed would work!!....why were they stressing ya?

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