Friday, September 25, 2009

They Were Tripping...........

.............they should leave that stuff alone..

Dude was tripping like he was on schrooms...or maybe they're like Randy Quaid and his wife.. on an LSD flashback.

That attitude your flipping? no bailouts..G-20 wants they're money please..give the cash back.

Dipping to the Kiss 104 Flashback Festival earlier this summer....spotted G-Money in an old school polyester's all good...we're listening to old school funk.

Some of that I have in my stash.... the feedback? on the fast break? Lebron and them got the best of ya....they finished with a dunk.

ATLiens get crunk...but this week we got wet..the test?.. others flunk... it was all essay...not multiple choice.

Didn't know the Black National Anthem.... they didn't sing or lift every voice.

Structures were full of mold due to moisture... chemicals didn't balance...homie tried to use household ones....some mixed them like that on purpose.

So cold.. now the haz-mat team is called to the spot by the holy city of Qom...whose slacking?...didn't show a sense of purpose.

I went to the service desk.... returning my purchase...please...a brotha has seen and heard this..malice was shown by the representative.

Flagrant agents down with the establishment..but soon they'll be acting tentative.

Claws and tentacles will injure them....they were tripping.. that's what they get for playing around with the beast.

Spotted one as he now crawls into the temple praying to the east.

To the east my brother to the east word from X-Clan.

Lou Rawls said this is a world of trouble from the A-Town to Afghanistan to Iran..

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