Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sleep Disorders....

wake the hell up!!!!

Old girl said wake the hell up!! she was from the country..she said wake up before the crows or vultures get you.

Drama will unfurl!! no carnival tilt a whirl or Love Roller Coaster like the Ohio Players..this by product of the culture is for you.

The bragger and boaster is dealing with repercussions...karmic epiphany?

Didn't watch his mouth like Pops liked to say... toasters and heaters blast on inner city streets.. like O-Dog's percussions..the cosmic slop will be funky.

What's up with me? just trying to chill...but the devil won't let me rest.

That's how it is in Babylon....wake up!!!.. someone will always put you to the test.

Leaving you stressed.... but O-Zone is refusing to accept the assignment.

This brotha will Transcend and Transform....the planets are in alignment.

Reason for the storms? Erika is seems like Jimena is too..maybe they should get drunk like Diane Sawyer..

Or maye like Anderson Cooper...what it do?..meanwhile more funk we'll loop for ya..

Spotted the player from the Himalayas...when he cut the corner...he was no longer in confinement.

Silk or rayon shirt....polyester slacks...Stacy Adams shoes...refinement?

Defining it.... the definition of a Roy Ayers...everybody loves the sunshine..might need to wake up.

Meanwhile I play my position...Spiritual Significance In This Operation..the time for the fake is up.

They'll break Beatles...I even spotted dude!!! he still had long hair... like John, Paul, George & Ringo.

Chilling in Mexico...needing to wake up!! Zetas think he's just another Gringo.

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