Monday, September 28, 2009

The Return Of The Hot Messenger PT.5

.........they said I was a hot me the hot messenger..

They tried to dis back in the day...still do..said this is a hot I see them trying to roll up.

Now they're back in the it a Hostile Takeover?..rolling up on the hot messenger.. like it's all good..but they were posing a threat..wanting me to give my soul up.

Check out how I roll hot style makeover...random thoughts are collected....once the crowd did.

....After automatic weaponry gunfire in the hood... it's similar to missiles being tested...some were acting Marines in Afghanistan...see what the few and proud did.

Others are acting random.... heard what the loud did..reckless abandon....running off at the mouth down south.. understand authorities did too.

Others come through with reckless abandon...not realizing what territories did to you.

What was the conditioning? hood thing...pray to God.. what are you petitioning?

Change is a good? they said I'm a hot mess me the hot messenger....turn on the air conditioning.

Not part of the natural process? gecko for the Geiko commercial? or maybe a tech geek running for office? please...were on a mission to bring this breakbeat science.

Stop this I had to tell haters!!! they were trying to break hearts, bodies, spirits and minds.

Enemy land mines are spotted... along with checkpoints and roadblocks...set up by authorities.

Doing the math.....the entity of a hater is soon as they approach our territories.

Befriend me?....but there's transparency...their aura is like a window.

End of me? End of the Road like Boyz to whatcha know?

As we go for what we know....message in the music...some is kept step ahead of one conducting a brain scan..

Word from the Hot Messenger..trying not to get caught out in the rain again...

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