Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Return Of The Hot Messenger

they said I was a hot me a hot messenger

Listening to Nas....bearing witness... can a brotha just breathe?

I continue to be down for the cause....taking care of business.. please believe.

Down the road some ease...Diana Ross....R.I.P Michael the Wiz..but whose deceiving the masses?

Told to keep it pimping player!!! a phrase used here in the A-Town..I stay down....O-Dog is conducting classes.

What's the opinion of this player? Random Thoughts are expressed...this is forensic rhetoric.

Some say its a hot mess..just call me the hot messenger..just got back from Mars....once again it's on..a brotha is back with it.

Wrecking it like I did my 76 Oldsmobile Cutlass....aka the Cut Dog...tried to getaway like Earth Wind& Fire.

Knowing the deal...O-Dog is a veteran of foreign and domestic frontiers..frozen cold with it...but now warming up.. but my player card didn't expire.

The roof is on fire from the disco inferno!!!....where's the haz-mat team?

Cosmic slop....cosmic epiphanies? listening to Martin Luther King's speech I Have A Dream.

Special deliveries from this hot messenger....haters said I had a scheme.said I was operating like Bernie..soon dealing with carmic repercussions.

Special deliveries .like FedEx..or UPS..check the hot O-Dog comes with the percussions.

O-Zone brings these discussions..Random Thoughts are expressed.

Not a clone with my behavior modified...that's the recipe for being stressed

It's on...word from the Hot I spit this math off..not trying to be sued like Ashcroft...I didn't front like the Earth Liberation Front...bringing down towers..

It's on...a Hot Message from the Hot got lonely out there but we kept running...avoiding the fireshowers..

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