Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Up In The Spot....It's A Hood Thing Pt.3

...........sick with the swine flu.........

Saw dude fronting in the Dodge Charger....with 24's on it..but all he has are Bills...but not like T.O. and Buffalo.

Plus the Wings are Detroit..or down with LT and the San Diego Chargers?...others became suspicious...trying to charge us.. but we already know.

As we flow down the stream of consciousness...noticed that the Smoke and Mirror show is in full effect.

Or is it just my imagination? heard Eddie Kendricks and The Temptations singing.. actually it's no Cheryl Lynn've got to be real with it.

Actually... using my Roc Raida...R.I.P.. what it do? beats are the english...that's how we deal with it.

Newports in the blue carton..and a 40 of Olde English 800 were placed at the spot where Johnny got blasted on.

Hood Thing...All Up In The Spot..old girl Mary said it might be a good thing to move.. to the eastside like Ramadan..the idea was prayed and fasted on.

Who'll be the last one knowing that the truth hurts!!! good and evil collide...during the Smoke and Mirrow Show.

This retro futuristic mystic prepares potions and elixirs to let you know.

Still waters run deep like The Four Tops said..dived into the stream of consciousness..deep end of the ocean..but not off the coast of pirate phrases will a brotha kick..

Being games played like Athletics South Africa..the who or what conflict..

Check these sacred scriptures...written by a brother whose in Conflict With The World.

O-Dog has sacred mixtures to steady bombard the enemy ...who are Sources Of Danger to this world.

Who faked the pictures? Adobe Photoshopped..T-Rex danced on top of the Ice Cream and Cake commercial by Baskin and Robbins...All Up In The Spot..scientist spot him..meanwhile O-Dog hip hopped and rocked out.

Meanwhile O-Zone shows that he has hops!! grabbed the rebound..even though he was blocked out.

Who'll get knocked out?'ll get rocky like that planet found outside the solar system..

All Up In The Spot....It's A Hood the end of the day..that's how we're living..

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