Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Slick With It...Sick With It

sick like swine flu..

They were slick with it... they could neither confirm nor deny.

Sounded like a shady politician....they'll be quick to tell a lie.

Others are on a foul mission...spiritual malnutrition... what do they eat?

Meals are prepared by chefs in hell's kitchen... now they're facing defeat.

Meals are based on the recipe for disaster... can you think faster?

Joints are cased...O-Dog is playing it like The Blackbyrds... Doing It Fluid... it's liquid ...I'm trying to drink faster.

Hope is erased for some ..they'll blink faster..staring into the eye of the tiger.

Others get tasered, maced and dogs attacked them ...because they were a freedom fighter.

Joints are cased....Kanye even rolled up on Patrick Swayze's funeral...Michael Jackson's the best? ....meanwhile lighters and cell phones are in the air at concerts.

I'm shining Parliament's Flashlight... like security ...Old Otis on The Martin Lawrence show..the response? it hurts.

Spotted disco infernos.... burn baby burn...slogans used by Black Panthers.

Who will work with a bro? not pimping like ACORN...or an ex-con like Akon..just trying to get back to the the Carolina Panthers.

Listening to the Brown Panther's program on WLOU up in Louisville.. back in the day.

Now bringing you some brand new funk...Intergalactic...out from beyond our solar system...we're rocking it.. I'm not back in the way.

Check out how we play....full court press like Tarkanian at Vegas.. were triple teaming them.. with the O-Dog Podcast....The Funk Seminar and the Sonic Assault.

Flowing down the stream of consciousness...even hit them up with a Random Thought.

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