Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Up In The Spot...Hood Thing PT.4

...................all up in the spot...........

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday... word from Boyz To Men.

Damn, Damn, Florida from Good Times... they tried to play a bro..lose my poise again?

O-Dog will jam....bringing the noise again...what did they expect?

This is the rebuttal...the Sonic Assault...why did they disrespect?

O-Zone...wasn't a guitar hero...disconnected the wire from the the system went down.

Please;I had a chance to get out of it; the deal wasn't right..I wasn't feeling things went down.

But I did get a lot out of it...knowledge is power is the cliche.

Now I Transcend and Transform...knowing how these jokers are going to play.

Big and little jokers I play in the spades I was in the student center at the University of Louisville.

Ignoring those who play a Hollywood or Bollywood role...they'll try to set you up like ACORN.....entrapment..I maintain control ..I knew the deal.

Using Diplomatic Immunity as I move forward..I blast off like public's easy to get thrown under the bus.

Moving Forward.. O-Dog will rock this..private or public transformation? we transfer this information..please.. it's easy get upset like USC...realizing there's no peace or justice.

Said it justice no peace is the actual catch phrase.

That's how it pirates Somalia there's still danger...but sources of danger can lie within rather than outside these days...

Actually..these days the drama can go down the weather in your neck of the woods? questions answered by Al Roker..

Plots and schemes exposed goes down worldwide..not just in these hoods..word from this Hot Messenger..and the beat broker...

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