Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Climate Control...Colder Than A Polar Bear

hotter than July like Stevie said.. or a playa from the himalayas?

Checked it out...playing it like a weatherman...what's up man?..waiting on the dust to settle..forecasting on the weather channel.

Word from Al Roker!!! warming up like Al Gore told ya!! in the hood? white tees and Dickies replaced khakis Chuck Taylors and flannel.

Hood thing!! for those that told O-Zone we dont understand I play it like I Float On like Floaters.

Out There!!! where I kept running...for those who ask where you at like cell phone commercials???... but I know they're not voters.

Sweating these we float down the stream of consciousness.

What's up with the climate?...miserable ones try to start corporations...soon listed on Wall Street where a broker has no conscious.

As we come with this...spotted a shady one...mechanics weren't up to par.

Warm weather has some chilling under a tree..dogs bark under the wrong one...but for the course it's par.

Dirty dealing caused the need for the Hubble Telescope to spot it.

Meanwhile thoughts that were scattered are selected at random..special edition..time was alloted...

Hood Thing?...multi-cultural?...spotted Pedro and Hussien sharing a crack pipe....hope and dreams shattered due to the Mass Konfusion.

Influenced by the mass hysteria....blood clotted..from shady scenarios... whose winning or losing?

Whose spotted in the designated areas? spotted players from the Himalayas.

Fabrics rotted...due to hazardous material..repelled by these Mysterious Intergalactic Travelers.

Mystery Unravellers...the climate is not right...check the insight...fires sparked don't help the matter..

Meanwhile we put messages in the music...what's up? maybe someone will Transcend and the clouds scatter...

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