Saturday, September 12, 2009

All Up In The Spot..It's A Hood Thing PT.2's gotta be good..................

Hood's deep in my chromosones....refusing to be in denial.

Good thing or bad thing? depending on the areas or some spots? they'll try to fry a bro.

Good thing or bad thing? depending on scenarios involving clones and their reaction.

It's got to be good!!! when we bring this breakbeat science..check out the scenario...the interaction.

It's got to be hood? keep macking in the A-Town? I was told to keep it pimping player.

But actaully it's not just in that scenario..even international..check out Chavez...or even Mugabe..or maybe even Karzai..definition of a prime time player?

Like dude I spotted...player player!! in the old school Oldsmobile 98...cruising down MLK.

Multi-dimensional....Play On Player!! might have been spotted on Muhammed Ali Boulevard in Louisville..that's how they play.

Or cruising down Ezzard Charles in Cincinatti....Ohio Player with the Fire? or on Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte. Smokie Robinson....but due to the recession rolling solo...couldn't afford a harlot.

Avoiding those who are part of it....the conspiracy...grand wizards are anointed in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Times are hard....pundits trick those who are they waste time on Tea Parties...

Meanwhile I Dipped down Grand Ave in step ahead of a's hard to see me..

Dipped through like The Discovery...Passed Florida...landed in California..Intergalactic..why even start with me?

But some will start with me!!.....Said I Was a Hot Mess....when I Do this.. like I was on Candler Road in Decatur.

Just call me the Hot Messenger...with a strong message for ya like's gonna be rough for a thin ice skater..

Ignored a hater..I'm down in Georgia...I can hear Ray Charles or Willie Nelson.. singing Georgia on my mind.

Meawhile some are getting fired by Donald or some Trump up charges it's getting harder for my kind.

What's on my mind? these Random Thoughts are expressed..word from the Hot Messenger..

Back in these hoods with my kind...a Hood Thing...All Up In The Spot with ya..

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