Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's A Hood Thing......Revisited.....'s gotta be's gotta be hood..........

It's gotta be good.... but now some say it's gotta be longer on the Eastside with the Jeffersons.

Back in these hoods...the preacher said it's all good...God is still blessing them.

In the spot...authorities are stressing them ..heard the ghetto bird flys high...others keeping an eye on them...but this is not Lancaster,PA.......or is it Compton California.

Out there....near the California wildfires... but gunfire is heard in Clayton and Dekalb County Georgia.

What's up with ya they ask me?... told them It's Gotta Be Good.

Dude was smoking backwoods and drinking Grey Goose...saying it's gotta be hood.

What hood is it? Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck had Wall Street jacked up.

What hood is it? playing the field.....scrambling like Randall Cunningham or Mike Vick... easy to get racked up.

It's Gotta Be Good.....O-Zone never slacked up...I kept Moving Forward.

Previous spot for Random Thoughts from a brotha was hacked up...they tried to play me like I was a coward.

Backed up the hooptie ....filled up the Relocated.

Slacked up? who me? like the other "O" tired of playing around..facing opposition..some still hated..

Backed the defender down to the hoop in the low post like Shaq or Dwight Howard..hitting free throws? sports analysts debated...

O-Dog tracked up loops that will be funky....O-Zone elaborated...

While others hated..told you I never slacked up..I was sliding through the portal..listening to the Beatles.......but I can't Let It Be..

Backed up the hooptie..unload the goods at the loading dock...where were we? us all up in the game...The O-Dog Podcast..or even the Funk Seminar..feel me..

Shacked up or married to the game? how's it going down in your neck of the woods?

Word from Al Roker!! at the end of the day a foul joker will give us respect in these hoods.

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