Monday, August 29, 2022

The Holding Pattern (Part Four)

 History repeating itself on this Monday morning  as these concepts are revisited? like my DMV Showcase from back in the day  it seems me and some of my constituents are in a holding pattern!

Waiting in the dark following a hunch? numbers they’ll crunch trying to figure out how reality is bruising and battering!

O-Zone? your dude will “holla back at them”; dripping words into the journal, sometimes wondering is this work or play?

Authorities are mad! The Federalist Society Supreme Court making shady decisions? judgement passed by the thought and fashion police for the words we say? Territories are scanned on local / national / international and intergalactic fronts; soon we’re in a self imposed holding pattern! this is the byproduct of serene contemplation. Telling these stories live and direct from these construction sites! being built or torn down? due to circumstances? my conduct is questioned.

Chilling, dealing with this holding pattern like planes out in Ellenwood and Forest Park Georgia waiting to land or Delta pilots waiting for a contract at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport!

Soon ready to blast off! Pluto / Mars even Saturn or even just to the Moon like Artemis especially after these earthlings start that and this not playing fair in the sport!

I keep telling y’all I’m intergalactic but right now I’m in this holding pattern; out in a galaxy of solitude. 
Taking time to do the mathematics as reflecting moments are enjoyed per the laid back attitude. Caught in a moment of time, this holding pattern is a critical stage of development! soon dripping words on this Captain’s Log. Like Captain Kirk? no need for Scotty to beam me up that moonbeam from the New Moon In Virgo will work as we navigate the smoke / mirrors / fog.

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