Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Part Of A Bigger Plan / The Concept Is Revisited (Part Six)

 It’s going down on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

We claim the terrific outcome, it’s all part of a bigger plan! now check out the advance celebration as we let the music play!

Oh yeah! Digital Crate Digging Continues setting the O-Dog Day Party off but at the moment we’re administrating poetic justice, like Tupac and Janet Jackson?  but I see some got caught up in the action, they’ll see it’s hard to walk that straight line of hope.

Checking out these menus straight out of hell’s kitchens; part of a bigger plan? not just pitchers balk, fear is shown! some can’t cope! Some are in these venues acting extra! tricked like Trump insurrectionists! they can’t let the rope go others gave them, hanging themselves! The saga / struggle continues! some didn’t stay in their lanes! no fun and games in these other lanes the vibes are ominous!

Ominous like clouds in Eastern Kentucky that led to storms causing the floods; the rain / reign began with a drizzle, is there a lull in the activity? oh no!!
Please!! crowds are still waiting in the dark where the reign of terror dominates; part of a bigger plan? deep dark danger is the ongoing business! Oh! it’s deep, but due to local / national / international and intergalactic travels I’m hip to the game, no stranger to that ominous flow! Preaching this from the atrium, it’s part of a bigger plan letting y’all know what the deal is!

Letting y’all know what the real is, somebody might be able to feel this it’s all part of a bigger plan!

Dropping science using these breakbeat scientific methods, this good word and the sound, this is what’s up man!

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