Thursday, August 11, 2022

Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Summer Edition Vol. 8

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Thankful Thursday; it’s so called because it’s a blessing to be here! 

Throwback Thursday energy  is also exhibited but we’re taking it back to the future; why? because that’s how things are done around here!

O-Zone? a retro futuristic mystic who hasn’t missed, doing the math since way back when!

Now we’re exercising power, setting off the O-Dog Day Party to boost my people’s morale based on the ongoing madness that’s happening!

We’re back up in this thing with the Deep House Mix | This Is Deep House Summer Edition Vol. 8 courtesy of the Rhythm Republic!!

Check out the playlist and the mix  as we O-Dog Day Party to this plus get breakbeat scientific!

1. Joselacruz - Jazzy 

2. RawBeetz - The Groove Track (Original Mix)

3. Cris Herrera & Miguel Rios - What U Need 

4. Demarkus Lewis - I Feel High (Dirtytwo Remix) 

5. Trevor Gordon - Welfare State Control 

6. Mo’Cream - Summer Loving (Main Vocal) 

7. Tony Breaker feat. Nathan Thomas - Elevate (Miguel Migs Salty Space Dub)

8. JR from Dallas - Downtown City (Sebb Junior Remix) 

9. KVRVBO - I Wish You Were Here feat. Tahir Jones (Intr0beatz Remix) 

10. Lebedev (RU) - In Practice 

11. Mart K - Make You Dance 

12. Katermurr - Kerri Beats


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