Tuesday, August 23, 2022

It Just Got Real (Part Eight)

 We’re blessed to see this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so called because things can go either way! supreme courage and maximum strength is needed to navigate through these choppy waters. 

Determinations are made that it just got real when you’re caught out there, now sending prayers up to the Heavenly Father!

Working it all out, catch me exercising power the Lord blessed me with after it just got real! I started writing these words yesterday, bear witness to this evening dance.

Working it all out! it’s a nighttime ritual when opportunity knocks, another chance. Working it all out, now on this Tuesday morning catch me exercising power or even diplomatic immunity as obscurity knocks; who's checking for me, is this all a dream? It just got real, now security knocks at the door; or was it insecurity? anyway, these words? I was told to release them!

It just got real, I couldn’t appease them; who? the thought and fashion police were on patrol, they even set up roadblocks!

It just got real, like for Trump and his insurrectionists? damn, this section is full of hustle knocks!

It just got real! beats bumps O-Dizzle rocks as digital crate digging continues, he'll even set the O-Dog Day Party off!! but it seems like we’re running behind schedule, caught at the corner of things. It just got real, Virgo season is here we’ve got more work to do but trying to be heroes when Tina Turner said we didn’t need any more will have us caught up doing things. It just got real, the phone rings waking me from my dream; visualizing the sequence, damn! like the James Webb Space Telescope and pictures of Jupiter are there different branches of Heaven? It just got real like back in the day Victory Park or maybe Newburg Park up in Louisville; I kept rolling the dice, trying to hit seven or eleven.

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