Thursday, August 25, 2022

It Just Got Real (Part Nine)

 Stepped outside this morning here in Atlanta,  soon pelted with big fat raindrops; it just got real!

In another dimension? I felt the pressure wondering when the reign will stop! it’s a Thankful Thursday making it a blessing to be here so what’s the deal?

It’s also a Throwback Thursday, so I’m retro futuristic; but like Barr covering for Trump in the Mueller investigation to ongoing investigations of Trump by the DOJ sometimes suspended between past and future episodes.

Ignoring the present so called because it’s a gift? during the ongoing paradigm shift I’m weighed down by the sediment.. ..from the ancient structure / system / matrix that many of us are caught up in with its rules / procedures and it’s codes. It just got real; I almost doubt the sky that Earth Wind and Fire told us to keep our heads to; ignoring it’s promises, to my detriment?

..Especially when I’m blessed by it all if taken in the proper perspective!

But it just got real, stressed by it all? back in the day up in Louisville / Newburg Mr. Cole said “it’s a rat race / dog eat dog” world so it’s expected!

It just got real but it’s expected! even the vixen aka daughter of chaos was loud, heard saying I am not the one!
She’s known as Mrs. Cold per the Kings Of Convenience and believe me, she’s a cold one! It just got real; she’s cold like a polar vortex in this sport that’s complex but per coming with the next the fear in me was soon overpowered. Supreme courage and maximum strength is exercised, now she’s surprised; I was far from a coward.

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