Sunday, August 21, 2022

It Just Got Real (Part Seven)

Started writing this on a Saturday evening then  Sunday morning, it just got real! now I’m out there writing this like HP Lovecraft 2.0.

Ritualistic, but due to the Earth Wind and Fire ways of the world out here going ballistic? doing the math like it's Lovecraft Country, down that path we’ll go! Realistic byproduct!! dark symphonic thirsts satisfied with the City Country City track by War, the rhythm and melody? O-Zone, a conductor that’ll corrupt you? I’m just following directions doing what the spirit of the night tells me. 

So what’s up with ya? I see things just got real for you too! bearing witness to when I told y’all it’s rough out here! 

Some of your constituents are out there with you in the smoke and mirrors; waiting on the smoke to clear?

Supposedly constitution believers like Trump supporters, I see they’re stranded out there in a forest of derision. Caught up in the system / matrix illusion soon banned from the area due to how they’re living. Caught up in an unpleasant situation, it just got real!! it wasn’t sweet like saccharin, it’s just gloom. Just like the night, those waiting in the dark can bear witness; infallible? just a life of doom. 
Sunday Jazz Continues, beats will boom! they’re accompanied by this good word!

Sunday meals served? check the menus, at venues out off of I-20 we swerved! it just got real but we respond with breakbeat scientific methods; you heard?

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