Friday, August 19, 2022

It Just Got Real (Part Six)

 We’re blessed to see this Fabulous Friday, but this science dropped is appropriate for any time period!

It just got real, but has it always been this way? it’s also a Flashback Friday as we reflect on past episodes / what we had to deal with. 

As the world turns per the old soap opera, (a Flashback Friday reference) catch me out here trying to be patient, for when it’s my turn. I’ll catch wreck (another Flashback Friday reference) as I contribute to the beautiful wreckage! it just got real as digital crate digging continues so it’s like the disco inferno; it’s burn baby burn! I’ll disrespect all the protocols like Trump jacking military and nuclear secrets, out here all dysfunctional like the rest of the family? Oh no! I won’t betray them! like the HumpDay Extravaganza? back in the day I tried to get over the hump like the rest of the crooks so they understand me!

They understand that it just got real, everybody loves the sunshine like Roy Ayers but we’ll have to deal with all the naysayers!

They “ain’t right”, it just got real; they’ll try to introduce chaos and mayhem to these players!

I wasn’t waiting in the darkness with them, catch me out here drowning in the sunlight; oh! it’s not suicidal but it’s voluntary.

It’s a vast improvement, now check out the forward movement it’s not as pale as yesterday. The weather or atmosphere was inclement! the sky was a bleak grey, affecting my attitude. It just got real, there was even a drought like out west like Lake Mead and the Colorado River but I persevered, now I’m showing gratitude.

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