Thursday, August 11, 2022

It Just Got Real (Part Two)

 Check us out as we bear witness to the ongoing madness; it’s even going down on a Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here!

Like the FBI pulling up to Trump's spot down in Florida endorsed by Merrick Garland?  it just got real, always something you can’t feel when jokers take it there!

Plus the system wasn’t always playing fair, reflecting on it since it’s also a Throwback Thursday; from 22nd and Garland near Victory Park up in Louisville to out here off of I-20 in Atlanta I kept it moving!  it seems I’m a transient  just out here drifting through the years.

Even “Ice Aged It” cold with it like a polar vortex, calling me Iceberg Slim? just trying to stay ahead in the game despite my frozen tears. Enraged by the proceedings! it just got real but actually it’s been this way! the sport is complex, it’s all game and they keep changing the rules but I'm not tripping it’s mercy over pride! The game is over for some! the struggle? it just got real and it’s changing fools! the static in the wind even taunts me but I continue to ride. 

I continue to slide through the portal, but it just got real; spotted the daughter of chaos dressed to kill, but soon facing charges for it? Plus I knew how the sport would go, she had those smokey eyes that’ll hypnotize / seduce / sedate one who’s weak. The Temple Of Mystery? oh, that’s where she’s posted up at she’s in charge of it! Based on her history did it just get real? but somehow she showed mercy over pride! check out what's exhibited, now that’s rather unique. 

Pain and misery is the usual platform, her constituents usually caught in a rainstorm leading to floods like Eastern Kentucky!

Speaking of them, it just got real; Lord Help! Lord Help is the battle cry sending prayers up for those asking what’s up with me!

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