Saturday, August 13, 2022

It Just Got Real (Part Three)

 Bearing witness to the ongoing madness on this Saturday morning! your dude is out here visualizing the sequence. 

It just got real, actually from our perspective it always has been! some of our constituents know what the deal is!

The struggle is real! we're out here with the tortured souls, some of them authors of hovering indecision!

The sport goes sideways / awry, it’s already complex for some!! they’re lacking precision. But decisions were made while along the Watchtower per Jimi Hendrix, out at the water’s edge. They jumped in taking a chance but needing a life raft? oh yeah! that, they’ll acknowledge!

They jumped in, now it just got real; will they drown in regrets? or is supreme courage and maximum strength utilized?

Exercising power being the deal as history repeats? some will be surprised!

Exercising Power? that’s the deal, as we rebuke plots and schemes devised similar to Trump insurrectionists; they’re even trying to steal nuclear secrets!

It just got real, we’re rebuking the arch nemesis on the premises trying to rush me like Salman Rushdie or launching invasions in Ukraine like Russia will be! blatant and discreet with it!

It just got real, but we’ll hit the street with it! taking it there like the Doobie Brothers!

It just got real, now I see society is asking questions; what will we do with these brothers?

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