Saturday, August 27, 2022

It Just Got Real (Part Ten)

 Catch me out here visualizing the sequence, on this Saturday morning your dude noticed  that it just got real! 

Astrologists might blame it on the New Moon In Virgo but we already know how it go / we're wise to the setup / already knew the deal. 

The struggle is real, it’s always been this way! peeped game from back in the day when I was a security guard at the abandoned building.

It was battered, abandoned cars / with overgrown vegetation; once a house of wisdom, supposedly kingdom building. Constituents battered, soon they abandoned the facility like love mentioned by Rose Royce after hostility was shown and money was lost! now it’s a spot where wildflowers grow; what? is that red paint? Or is it blood? and what’s that smell? it just got real! rumor has it that meth and crack addicts have it under control! I don’t know, I slowed my roll while on patrol I had to show restraint

It just got real so this dude was gone! once again it's on!! ready to travel, the mystery I’ll unravel but not like those jokers going on an acid trip.
What’s the deal? doing the math, Pharoah Sanders said You Got To Have Freedom but at what cost? please! I’m not trying to flip! It just got real so I’m ready to drift eternal, local / national / international and even intergalactic across the silent expanse. Ready to go to the moon like Artemis but there’s work to do, check out how this art is! it’s simple but also a complex / complicated circumstance. 

That’s also debatable; being built or torn down? truth be told I wish it was simple. 

It just got real though, but like I mentioned before it always has been but we’ll keep going for what we know!

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