Sunday, August 14, 2022

Leroy Burgess - One Plus One (Dave Lee Extended Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on that O-Dog Day Party  format; we're putting it down like this!!

Still out on  I-20 in Atlanta rolling, but we branched out earlier per I-10 rolling in Houston, putting it down like this!!

Also West Coasting out on I-80 in Oakland with my kinfolk getting open!! this thing is nationwide..

Also Lake Shore Driving up in Chicago seeing how it go;  it's our way to deal with the summer madness; how else are you supposed to ride? 

The fake should know the score as we slide through the portal listening to Leroy Burgess with One Plus One (Dave Lee Extended Mix)
Some good old disco jazz / soul jazz / jazz funk as we celebrate life and at the same time get breakbeat scientific!!

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