Thursday, March 30, 2017

Vibrations PT.6 (Throwback Thursday Edition)

Feeling the vibrations!!  the Aries sun shines in my window as I type this. 

Previously?  dollar chasing had us caught up in the system / matrix, out there where the hype is. 

Who deceives us, erasing data?  the matrix architect started it!! he was updating the database,  typing this and that on the keyboard. 

Was it alt-shift-delete? meanwhile we keep following the code of the street!! writing code /  data in this race!! breaking you off like the UK and Brexit,  we're not fake with it,  plus a beat?  we'll break it on a Roland or Yamaha keyboard. 

Usually discrete but writing code when we "holla atcha"  like Roland Martin!!  especially after the drama starting per Colin Kaepernick.....

...or more from drama from  Bill O'Reilly vs Maxine Waters, maybe even April Ryan vs Sean Spicer ;  is this what we'll have to deal with?

Check the instigation, the mode; foul, will  be the smell from murky waters! somebody's lying about paying the price to be free!!

Information overload?  whatcha knowing?  your not feeling the vibrations?  it "ain't nothing nice"  cuz!  tell me what you hear / see!!

Public transportation / transformation mode? the Senate Intelligence Committee  will discuss the so called truth disputing of Vladimir Putin

Public transportation / transformation mode?  rolling like Westinghouse filing for bankruptcy; was there robbing / looting? 

Feeling the vibrations, and it's not a cute thing!! beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Feeling the vibrations, it's not a new thing per this Throwback Thursday!! global warming? please!! the world gets colder..


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