Saturday, March 4, 2017

Business As Usual: No Justice No Peace PT.4

Business as usual takes place!!  writing this on a Saturday, it's a different day and a different episode.

No justice no peace?  per executions in Arkansas to  the unrest in Syria  and all points in between it's still the outcry !!  but fakes in the place said the truth is told!

Busters fall for the fake news!!  Facebook and Twitter said they'll clean it up.

Thought and fashion police run rampant!! face to face with a crook?  they'll act bitter!!  meanwhile O-Zone will mash fantasy and reality up.

Who thought about the fashion per the ATL life?  good and evil clash while chilling out in the city too busy to hate.

Check the thought process; disorderly fashion? some fail the toil and strife test!!  now they're too busy to relate.

Stop the press / media, word from Donald Trump? I had a story to tell!!  too busy to debate these wannabe politicians.

A hot mess with this when I hit them up with this good word and digital crate digging?  beats thump!!  others were bid rigging with corporations too big to fail!!  shady missions? 

I made a mess but not because I was spoon fed with meals prepared by chefs in Hell's Kitchen that had an agenda!! I didn't fool with a pretender!! is that what's wrong with a brotha?

This is business as usual, but not fooling with those misled!! blind leading the blind?  they were on some other other..

No justice no peace is the outcry!! it's rough out here!!  I'm cool with some of these folks trapped in the torture chamber with me.

I'm not cool with some of these folks who were sick with it / slick with it!! I rebuked the business as usual platform, now the chamber of commerce is not down with me.

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