Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Cleaning / Spring Training PT.8

It's time to get down!! once again it's on!! it's time for Spring Cleaning / Spring Training!

It's time to get down!! it's not officially Spring as I post this but we're still doing our thing, maintaining

As we get down, we see how it's going down!! we're reflecting on so called Trump wiretaps to these auto tuned mumble raps

As we get down!!  respecting the game even though sometimes there's  no trump cards,  plus we stumbled in the game of craps.

Humbled after pimp slaps from reality!! blessed not to be a fatality,  but a casualty due to the injury.

The bass rumbled in the hooptie as I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta!! Ella Fitzgerald said slap it on the Miguel Migs remix!! knowledge I kick after reflecting,  now able to tell the story.

Rocking the baldy after wearing the Afro per Flashback Friday reflections;  it wasn't tight like JJ's  or Florida Evans on Good Times.

Damn!! Damn!! Damn!! cats in the barber shop on Columbia Drive in Decatur say they could have straightened them out!! meanwhile per this Spring Cleaning / Spring Training  I ride out listening to Chic's Good Times

Trying to get my mind right!! but much respect to Rev. William Barber over in North Carolina for fighting the power like Public Enemy mentioned.

 "Holla if you hear me"  I might have lost some due to multiple  dimensions!!

Plus I'm taking things to another dimension per this Spring Cleaning / Spring Training!!

Flashback Friday? I'm like the Ohio Players running from the devil, hoping he's not gaining!!

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