Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Outback Chronicles (Assessing The Damage)

Once again it's on!! the spring equinox energized a dude,  now he rocks! work is put in.!

Spring cleaning / spring training led to these Outback Chronicles,  I'm outside in the backyard working. 

Plus,  I'm assessing the damage after storms blew through Atlanta; trees need trimming along with my physique from Outback Steakhouse visits. 

Assessing the damage; penalties and fees need trimming due to unique economic circumstances!!  I'm done / out of it!!  from dealing with fake ones in the house and senate plus jokers administering punishment that's corporal or corporate;  just dimwits.

Stressing due to mismanagement?  I knew how the sport would get weed and water carriers were  erecting barriers like Trump wants to build that wall. 

...Mentioned by Matrix and Futurebound;  like Craig Mack can I get down?  so what's up y'all? 

Maybe we're up against the wall like Group Home? meanwhile I've got plenty to do around the home, from planting seeds to sweeping up trash..

What's up homie? in this sport, who'll work with me?  stealing my jersey like Tom Brady's?  planting seeds, then creeping for the cash?

Jokers are playing the sport like Paul Manafort while I'm trying to man the fort!! I'm trying to keep the arch nemesis off the premises..

Jokers are faking in the sport!! politicians were full of empty promises...

Outback; I spotted scrimmages between crows and squirrels, natural tilt -a -whirls, who said it wasn't natural?  

Out of it? naw!! spotted in the midst of it but outback taking care of business!! breakbeat scientific when I holla atcha!!

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