Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Business As Usual: No Justice No Peace PT.9

What it do? this is business as usual!! O-Zone collects these random thoughts, check the scenario..

What it do? due to the no justice no peace vibe per the GOP Health Care Plan  O-Dizzle aims the sonic blackjack!! swinging it!! things will jump off like it's Syria!!

 What it do? what's the dizzle? due to the mass hysteria?  for some its time for praying! 

What it do? what's the dizzle? I Shall Survive by the Miami Mass Choir is playing!!

Whats the dizzle in these danger zones? were dropping breakbeat science spraying these areas like exterminators;  who's at fault? 

Whats the dizzle?  check the different levels of madness!! from Chicago inner city streets where even the US Attorney Zach Fardon had to step off,  on out to plush suburbs and on to Gaza Strip settlements!!  hell is caught! 

Whats the deal with this? the reign began with a drizzle;  now it's storming like the snowstorm in the Northeast!!  some are caught out there with no shelter! 

The pain is felt, as plans fizzle;  hopes and dreams shattered!!  brainstorming? it was a waste of time, everything is helter skelter! 

The pain is felt, business as usual? scattered thoughts are collected like past due bills by a collection agency...

The pain is felt, business as usual? no justice no peace? blows from the strong arm muscle were connecting!! some feeling how flagrant the fouls will be!!

Bad cards were dealt by these gamblers out for a fast buck!! they'll be hard to reach, using a fake email name like Rex Tillerson..

That mantra / catch phrase business as usual / no justice no peace is felt after some were vexed by the shady dealing!!

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