Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vibrations PT.2 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday)

Posted up in the lab as the Sun rises in the east,  shining in the window.

Spiritual rehab per the Spring Equinox?  your son rises out of the quagmire from winter!!  but this is word from a soldier of the winter!

Not Captain America,  but blessed to see an opportunity window to climb through,  some call them portals.

Who's fair with ya? stressed by these devils and their advocates even though I have diplomatic immunity!!  feeling the bad vibrations,  but I know how the sport goes.
Everybody plays it sometimes!! what?  the fool!! that's word from The Main Ingredients with Cuba Gooding Sr.

They also said Happiness Is Around the bend; what's up my friend? not talking about  Cuba Gooding Jr of  Jerry Maguire show me the money fame, you know it's all game!! who's down with Babylonians? I see ya.

Philistines on these scenes?  throwing salt into the game?  I felt the vibrations, now who's caught in the game?  meanwhile, over in Decatur I spotted homie with bean pies and the Final Call.

Vibrations felt, a Final Call article mentioned toxic music and behavior while Oops upside the head plays in the background by the Gap Band as I roll down I-20 in Atlanta!!  just left my secret lab, so whats up y'all?

Vibrations felt, some will try to stall, but fools rush in!! it's rough both ways,  reality is cold crushing!! no divorces granted.

Whats up y'all? I'm writing this on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday that some will take for granted..

The vibrations can be positive or negative depending on the perspective;  might need to filter them like they'll  ban electronics on some flights to America... 

The vibrations can be positive or negative; how were we trying to live? your man drops these Sonic Assaults, dropping insights that are universal...

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