Monday, March 6, 2017

Business As Usual: No Justice No Peace PT.5

The saga / struggle continues; another Monday has rolled around, so it's business as usual..

What's up with another? just trying to maintain where no justice no peace is the refrain in the song!! so what it do?

They said act like you knew!! follow the chain of command, but  some are in pain as they follow the rules.

Soon they're caught up in the food chain;  Aretha Franklin mentioned a Chain of Fools.

Americans fooled again? Trump administration a reign of fools?  time will reveal like Debarge.

Stumped by questions administered on the exam?  even the minister said damn!!  to the game?  it'll have to be charged.

It's business as usual!! but we're rolling like Slick Rick with Dougie Fresh!!  six minutes we're on!! on on on!!! but is there any justice or peace? who's in the judge's chamber? the defense attorney and the prosecutor go over the scenario.

It's business as usual!!  once again it's on!! on so many levels authorities write tickets and confiscate vehicles because we didn't park in the designated area.

It's business as usual!! mass confusion?  mass hysteria? it's going down from North Korea shooting missiles to the crisis in Syria!!  tickets to the train wreck  are sold!! the worst case scenario?

It's business as usual!! winning and losing in Palestine and Israeli settlements? plus, nationwide we deal with  ghetto hot messes!! drama's  even in a Mexican barrio.

Whatcha know? no justice no peace from trailer park madness to the sands of Afghanistan and Iraq?

What's up man?   we exercised diplomatic immunity, dipped for a minute but we're back in the community!! thought and fashion police ask, guess who's back?

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