Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Business As Usual; No Justice No Peace PT.10

What it do?  this is business as usual as others dispute the truth and fake news...

...Like Donald Trump; meanwhile we use this HumpDay Extravaganza to get over the hump, knowing no justice no peace is the reality!!  no need to buy followers for fake views.

Donald Trump parodies from Saturday Night Live to  Snoop Dogg  delaying breakthroughs for followers? Marco Rubio even weighed in!!  per the GOP Obamacare participants lose hope..

Breakthroughs anticipated for doctrine swallowers? some will hang themselves; they've got enough rope..

Breakthroughs are anticipated as we peep game like a Hubble Telescope.

Reading the TelePrompTer then dropping this good word prompt for ya!!  strategies to cope?

Stop the bleeding after the romp!! the loss and gain is dealt with, as we win some and lose some! 

Total Chaos is dealt with!! business as usual? no justice no peace?  O-Dizzle will use the drum! 

O-Zone used the crossover dribble like Iverson or even Chris Paul! 

...Maybe Kyrie Irving; the scene?  I'm observing!! who's at fault?  I told them I'm not fooling with y'all!

I see some out here swerving!! soon recognizing it's business as usual; there's no justice no peace..

My appetite? I'm curbing!! per Pops I'm wising up!! peeping game, we couldn't be at ease..

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