Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vibrations PT.3 (Throwback Thursday Edition)

My intuition was working overtime!!  old school Throwback Thursday / blue collar style. 

Feeling vibrations like Beach Boys or maybe Roy Ayers?  it's that Throwback Thursday style! 

Check the file; vibrations? Stakes Is High per De La Soul!! jokers felt vindicated like Trump?  please!!  it's business as usual as the tires screech when those boys over in Decatur aka so called players pull capers! getting foul!

Styles indicated as beats thump in the old school Chevy Impala; what?  sounds like auto tuned mumbled raps,  somebody turn that dial. 

Throwback Thursday?  I've been here for a while,  it's a blessing!  Thankful and Thoughtful like that Dave Grusin joint.

...Vocals by Phoebe Snow;  so whatcha know?  who'll work with me?  not the one they'll anoint. 

...Not the one they'll appoint like Neil Gorsuch,  I have a hard time carrying weed and water. 

Plots and schemes taught me how the sport gets,  I keep praying to the Heavenly Father. 

Plots and schemes for me to abort this? vibrations we're felt, plus bad cards were dealt..

Corporations aka gamblers were out for a fast buck!! even Sears / K-Mart have a "going concern"  but I saw how they were rolling,  it was already felt.. 

Vibrations? hopefully positive; eradicate those fears and play like you have a heart per the March Madness 2017 Sweet 16...

Vibrations? during the ongoing crisis some will operate like ISIS at the London Parliament;  we're staying strong riding down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Parliament while observing the scene...


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