Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Business As Usual ; No Justice No Peace PT.6

What it do? this is business as usual; some of my constituents will mention that there's no justice and no peace..

What it do? some need to act like they knew but they had bad habits, now like the family of Kim Jong-nam they can't be at ease..

Please!!  per Ben Carson slaves were immigrants?  dude needs to get his mind right...

Please!! who's marginalized? perspectives determined on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? Get Your Mind Right?

Positive or negative per the 20/20 hindsight? it's rough out there!! plus it was lonely out there, but we kept on running...

Oh yes!!  soon the time will be right!! like Golden State beating the Atlanta Hawks after trailing earlier!  we kept on gunning!! 

...Seemed to be more Golden State fans than Hawks fans at the game, even though it was played here in Atlanta; but that's business as usual!!

Some are feeling some kind of way about it; like there's no justice or peace!! the saga / struggle continues!!

...But that's the least of our worries as North Korea fires missiles and in Chicago jokers keep firing pistols!!  it seems I jumped from the frying pan into the fire!! it's like damn!  damn!  damn!!

Like Trump concerning the wiretaps, somebodys lying!! that's word from Pops!! understand the empire or you'll be caught in a jam.

Who's caught up in these traps like blacks wrongfully convicted of crimes more than anyone else? that's business as usual, there's no justice or peace!! I'm trying to set the reset button, as O-Dog will have you caught up in a jam!!  also seminars are conducted.

...Plus this good word is dropped!! this is how it's going down!! some sing like En Vogue while others are going rogue opposing the Trump administration; what it do? opening more scars or healing scars?  either way, it's usually from dealing with those corrupted.

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