Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Business As Usual : No Justice No Peace PT.3

Straight from the lab with this! as we do this!!! breakbeat scientific with this!! it's similar to working on the Large Hadron Collider.

No justice no peace is the outcry!!  other constituents are  rolling on the train!!  Soul Train or MARTA like here in Atlanta? damn bro!! some threw momma from the train!!  but that's business as usual.

What's up with us? please!! I'm not gonna lie, the train of thought is rolling as fantasy and reality is mashed up!! boundaries / borders are smashed up in this piece before Trump builds the wall.

Vicente Fox weighed in, of course he was playing!! the funky sound? we'll be playing!! dropping the funk on y'all..

A sly fox will say f#*k y'all in so many words, acting brand new!! something like a New Trump talking to Congress?

But at the end of the day, they probably created more drama;  lines blurred in the gray area enhanced by smoke and mirrors.

Speech was slurred per being drunk off the power but what occured?  there's still no justice no peace!! in the town square some get cursed and stoned!! feeling horrors and terrors.

Tires screech; you heard? Van Jones spoke on it so some ask what's up with us?  somebody said there's a lot of clones out there!!

The war on terror is ongoing! spiritual warfare that is!! invisible drones will attack even though Obama left office.

Spiritual Warfare is going down! we're fighting back!!  the weapons we use? this good word and the sound!! that's how we go off with this.

As we go there the usual business is going down!! there's no justice or peace!! plus we're short warriors like Golden State minus Kevin Durant..

Some act like they knew a brotha , then play me like Kim Jong-nam with the VX poison!!  I'm acting like I knew that!!


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