Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Business As Usual : No Justice No Peace PT.7

This is business as usual; there's no justice and no peace!!  who's at fault?  let the finger pointing begin! 

Republicans or Democrats? maybe both!! now a dude took an oath,  there's default settings for this brotha!!   realizing that's the only way I can win! 

Whats up with them? just fanatics like North Korea testing missiles!!  please!! class is in time for playing! 

What's up cousin?  I see ya!! some say its March Madness so let the games begin!! somebody better start playing!!

What's up cousin? somebody better start praying!!  constituents might fall through the cracks due to the GOP Health Care Plan..

Business as usual?  no justice no peace? part of the hostile takeover?  who's laying in the cut with plans of jacking a man?
Hot style makeover?  some juked, shucked, and jived;  finally arrived!!! chilling out down here in Mecca.

Not in Saudi Arabia, it's known as Atlanta;  new age Hollywood? Oh yes!! to LA it's somewhat similar.

..A brotha and sista came from far and wide, traffic is backed up on I-20 and I-285!! dude even slides through like the pink panther.

O-Zone?  I see jokers taking a Fantastic Voyage like Lakeside!! I know how the fake ride!! I let the hustlers hustle and the players play!!  rocking the baldy, but with the personna of a dread!! thinking like an  old school Black Panther.

Danger zone business? it's the usual, where no justice no peace was chanted!! 

Danger zone business? conducted like Wikileaks / CIA? please!! that's how it's always been handled!!

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