Friday, December 25, 2015

The Crossroads / Intersection PT.2 (The Holiday Edition)

 Seasons greetings!!  tidings of comfort and joy,  that's if you celebrate these holidays: if not?  peace be onto you!!

Seasons / reasons while freedom riding confront us; boy please!! you've been hated, so what's up with you?

Reasons / treasons will have some raiding comfort zones like ISIS, soon reprimanded by Pope Francis after he was waving per the Christmas Eve Mass..

Scorpio Season began a new year for me, so *I ain't misbehavin*  now we're at the crossroads / intersection as 2015 comes to a close!! so what was learned in reality /  class? 

The sport can go either way!! Bone Thugs and Harmony mentioned Tha Crossroads, they mentioned missing Uncle Charles y'all...

He probably acted a fool at the family functions, check out the modes of the public transportation / transformation, so what's up y'all? 

What's up son? we're back at the spot, the crossroads / intersection!!  typing this per the Christmas Full Moon in Cancer, we're feeling the weird energy...

What's up son? will we make a left or a right, so what's the answer? no modes like Odell Beckham Jr acting brand new with ya!! I'm outside the box but I'm not a weird entity!!

What's up son? so what's the answer? Brotha O will drop this insight while back at the scene of the crime, but not a victim;  these brothers were refusing to be.

What's up son? we're at the crossroads / intersection on this Christmas Holiday!! Caught in a moment of time , at the critical stage;  but it's not confusing to me.

At the crossroads / intersection out on Las Vegas Boulevard like Lakeisha Holloway without backup from a family? some look like they're losing to me, and they're wanting me to join;  misery loves company.

Corporations are started, but at the crossroads / intersection these missions aren't aborted!! hoping somebody will feel me

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