Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Taking The Next Step (Hitting The Reset Button) PT.2

We're back up on it, like Golden State Warriors dealt with their latest opponent!! plus we don't believe the code of conduct....

We're back up on it!!  the conglomerate these spiritual warriors are part of is not listed on the stock exchange, we didn't follow the code of the corrupt..

Check out what we come with, as we're taking the next step /  *can't lose with the stuff we use*  that's word from Rev. Ike.

Brought the drum with me plus the piano, check the message as we let you know what the deal will be, so you can be like Digital Underground and "Doowutchyalike" 

Don't be dumb though, the struggle is real!! the three strikes law is still in full effect!!  plus it's open season on a brotha from Laquan McDonald in Chicago to Walter Scott down in South Carolina.

We kept on running, though it got lonely out there!! we followed our own covenant but different Seasons / Reasons led to plotting and scheming; where did they find ya? 

We hit the reset button due to God blessing us even though devils kept stressing us because we weren't coveting per  Deuteronomy 5:21

Now were taking the next step!  it's not odd that the system kept testing us, outcomes? we own them like Rahm Emanuel has done...

Now taking the next step! we're wise to the set up,   it's not like Donald Trump making stupid  remarks about banning Muslims..

Now taking the next step!! I was tired of getting thumped upside the head by reality with the rest of the punishment gluttons!!

Now taking the next step, hitting reset buttons!! of course I'm back on default settings based on my Louisville / Newburg upbringing...

Now rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but who will understand a bruh? breakbeat science is what we're bringing...


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