Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.8 (Intergalactic With It)

 It's going down!! check out these electronic thoughts transferred down the information highway...

Sun Ra said Space Is The Place as we roll through cyberspace on bon voyage business in the mothership on more days than Monday...

Sonic Assault?  Random Thoughts?  /  O-Dog Podcast?  rebuking cyber-espionage like China  in spiritual warfare with those weapons:  were all up on it.

Hell was caught per Natalie Cole singing about it: we're bumping heads with the evil opponent..

How did we roll?  like ISIS vs Russia we're fighting those who are part of the conspiracy;  this is business as usual.

How did we roll?  I felt the pressure but I'm not letting it get to me; transferring these thoughts electronically is part of the therapy!! but that's not unusual.

How did we roll?  we try to avoid the capture as haters try to say this is hazardous material but I guess it is:  similar to cosmic slop, grunge; that's the fusion of the O-Dog sound..

Similar to carbon capture as punishment gluttons are trying to start the rapture; so how do we do? O-Dog takes DNA out of the sound..

Not acting brand new with you;  we're cold crushing it turning dials and pushing buttons in the lab, trying to transfer these thoughts electronically:  pushing it  like Cheryl Lynn /  it's got to be real!!

Dipped back to the community where they don't act brand new with me;  Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg on back to the ATL and Decatur, they're keeping it real.

They kept the deal!!  the vibe is like 2 Corinthians 7:3 as loyalty oaths were taken,  but some are still faking.

Check out these electronic thoughts that are transferred due to the royalty in my heritage;  seals were on the package, now it's Mystic Voyages I'm taking.

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