Monday, December 21, 2015

Engulfed In Flames PT.6 (Going Up In Smoke)

 Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta on a breakbeat scientific venture, in the distance I see smoke in the air...

Was the structure engulfed in flames? some will end their venture like Lindsey Graham!! if you do or don't somebody will damn!! in love or war? nothing was fair...

Who's caught up in these games / the system / matrix?  Plan Z players will run over pedestrians on Las Vegas Boulevard like Lakeisha N. Holloway!!

Who's brought up in these games? chilling in the ghetto per Donny Hathaway? trained!! now spotting those that'll fake it!! please!! it's hard on the boulevard, but I know how a joker will play... 

The fire is fully involved, that's what the spokesman from the fire department will say!! now it's all going up in smoke like the Buffalo Bills season...

Problems solved  at the disco inferno when they *burned that mother down*? please!! we're in the heart of it like the red smog alert in Beijing!!  now it's all going up in smoke, fools try to find a reason..

Problems solved? naw man!! they keep coming!!  information is overloaded!! paper is wasted!! out of the machine? printouts with data circled in red fall..

Problems solved? naw man!! they keep coming!! smoke was in the air!! was the structure engulfed in flames? the situation is out of control as ear shattering gunshots exploded!! bang bang!!  whose the next to fall?

Problems solved? naw man!! they keep coming, but we're still in these games!! were these inflammatory remarks from O-Zone?  Boom Boom go the beats as they bang!! O-Dog puts it down, so who's the next to call?

It keeps coming, it's hard to see in the the smoke and mirrors, but inflammatory remarks fly from Trump to Clinton , but I'm not tripping!!  God is blessing us!! this is upper room type knowledge that's dropped!! who's the next to call?

....on the Lord;  after the structure is engulfed in flames Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength is provided:  those that dropped? Rise Up and do the damn thing!!!

Diplomatic Immunity provided? Oh Yes!! wise up!!  freedom? we're riding for it, even though the system blames us for transgressions like Steve Harvey at Miss Universe, so was the curse reversed? it all goes up in smoke, so what's changed? not a damn thing!!

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