Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Engulfed In Flames PT. 4 (Inflammatory Remarks?)

So what's up? I'm putting it down like this while I had a moment or two. 

Oh!!  it's going down!!  games are still being played by that evil opponent of you. 

....and me; they want to see us engulfed in flames, they don't want to see us get free and stay free, which is hard to do on this earth!!  I noticed it after the mothership parks

The endeavor went up in flames,  soon I was banned from Blogster and Facebook!! I wasn't shady like Tashfeen Malik on Facebook,    but when a brotha gets scientific?  they said I made inflammatory remarks. 

Branded Like Chuck Connors? street games from a mobster?  face to face with a crook?  a revolutionary who sparks the chaos and mayhem? 

Alt shift delete in these games / engulfed in flames for being a bum standing at the crossroads / intersection of scattered thoughts and words of wisdom with a poster that says keep praying? 

Street wisdom was received / soaking up game;  keep playing / play on player was the advice given.

Keep living was the word from the old school Baptist preacher;  *keep it pimping player*  was the advice given in Georgia, Decatur!!  so how are you living? 

When I keep giving these breakbeat scientific words of wisdom some considered the remarks hazardous material or inflammatory. 

Flames were spotted on the structure;  the roof is on fire per the disco inferno!!  the fire was fully involved,  if you use fireman's lingo to tell the story. 

Engulfed in flames after imflammatory remarks we're made like Donald Trump at the debate?  

Caught up in the game / system / matrix? busters and marks get stumped by multiple choice and essay questions on the test, while other arrived late...

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