Monday, December 7, 2015

Taking The Next Step (I Hit The Reset Button)

 So what's up? I told them life was hectic, damn!! they didn't know it? they weren't paying attention...

The corrupt have a chokehold on things like ISIS ruling Syria, check the mass hysteria or are you too broke to pay attention?

How did I play? I mentioned earlier about hitting reset buttons, being back on default settings after supplies were received like the US sending some to the International Space Station..

Now I'm taking the next step, ignoring punishment gluttons; you know misery loves company!!  they'll set up IPO's or initial public offerings to start a corporation!!

Now I'm taking the next step, but I was told to abort operations!! the devil is opposed!!  like the Laquan McDonald shooting in Chicago I heard halt!! don't go there!!  then ear shattering gunshots exploded...

Taking the next step, but it appears the situation is out of control!! the product is contaminated like Chipotle in more ways than one!! some say it's toxic / corroded..

Taking the next step, but it appears some were loaded and didn't manage the team right;  soon they're fired like Mark Richt

Taking The Next Step like Kirby Smart, hitting the reset button was smart!! I guess we can land on our feet in Miami like Mark Richt..

Taking The Next Step!!  O-Zone is in the heart of it!! for those that ask what's up with him? there will not be a cut in these emissions

Like the Paris Climate Control Conference we've got a full slate:  Random Thoughts; plus the  The O-Dog Podcast let's you know were on sound missions..

Who's fair with this? circumstances are debatable, we wondered whether we we're being built or torn down? 

Who's fair with this? nobody, but we still had work to do so we're taking the next step after hitting the reset button: it's going down!!

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